Executive Director Benjamin Battle


Executive Director Benjamin Battle

Goldsboro, North Carolina,

Benjamin Battle comes from humble beginnings. In Goldsboro, North Carolina, where he was born, he worked in the corn and tobacco fields for just $10 a day. But his love of family and ambition for greatness drove him to make something more of himself, something greater than his limited surroundings.

So he started a successful home improvement business. But it wasn’t until someone shared the Kynect Opportunity with him that he truly found a different side of what life has to offer. Thanks to Kynect, he uncovered a newfound love and respect for people and a broader vision of life itself. “It has now become my mission to help everyone find financial freedom,” he says. “If they seek it, then it is my duty to show them the Kynect Way.”

Through Kynect, Benjamin has met thousands of new friends, strengthened his connection to his family, and discovered new skills and talents he didn’t know he had. He wakes up every day motivated to accomplish goals not just for himself, but for others also. “I will not rest until everyone has the chance to change their lives - just as the Kynect Opportunity has changed mine!”








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