Executive Director Kedir Deloro


Executive Director Kedir Deloro


Kedir always dreamed of being an independent business owner. Before joining Kynect, he worked many jobs in a wide variety of industries. While rewarding, he never felt satisfied with these jobs. When he heard about the Kynect Opportunity, he realized it was his chance to achieve as much success as his talents and ambitions would let him.

His long-term goals at Kynect is to rank advance to National Director so he can impact Kynects’s growth and assist other associates in providing training, improved resources, networking and mentoring — all the keys to success with Kynect.

Since joining Kynect, Kedir has not only earned residual income but also forged many valuable personal relationships. In fact, some of these new friends have become as close as family members. Through Kynect, Kedir found a way to combine his passions for both running a business and helping others.








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