Presidential Directors Winchel & Felicia Elibert


Presidential Directors Winchel & Felicia Elibert

Fayetteville, GA

Winchel and Felicia Elibert from Fayetteville, Georgia were introduced to the Kynect Opportunity back in 2008. Winchel has been an entrepreneur since the age of 18, opening his first barbershop and later on becoming a real estate investor. Felicia is a Registered Nurse who specializes in critical care and telemetry. They currently own several businesses in the Atlanta Metro Area including two health and wellness centers and a Smoothie King franchise. "As business owners, sometimes the business can end up owning you. We quickly realized that Kynect was a way to buy our time back to spend together and with our soon-to-be-born son."

They decided to put a stake in the ground and build their business, and so that is exactly what they've done for the last few years. "We've already achieved one of our goals to send our son to one of the top private schools in Georgia." Their "why" for doing this business is to be able to do what they want when they want. This past summer they were able to take a two month vacation, and for the last two years Winchel has been able to lead a mission trip to his parents’ homeland of Haiti.

"We truly believe the secret to success in this business is to have a servant heart and to help people create their own success story."








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