Presidential Directors Mike & Danene Foti


Presidential Directors Mike & Danene Foti

New Hope, PA

Mike and Danene Foti live in New Hope, Pennsylvania. As a former real estate investor and mortgage broker, Mike joined Kynect because of the appeal of residual income and the opportunity to build a business that also offers time freedom. He was intrigued that an opportunity was made available during a recession that enables so many people to have an answer to their financial struggles. “I love the fact that by switching energy providers for free, we help people save money on their energy bills,” Mike says. “It’s just that simple.”

In addition to working her Kynect business with Mike, Danene is a teacher serving elementary school special needs students. “Our purpose in life is to commit to serving others in a way that has both a positive and lasting impact on their lives,” Danene says. Helping special needs students achieve their academic and physical goals and experience success is a great thrill for her. Now with Kynect, she has the unique opportunity to serve the larger public by helping them begin to dream again.

Kynect has changed the Fotis’ lives in many ways. Their favorite part of Kynect is the relationships that have been developed with folks in and out of their business network. “It’s wonderful being able to present something good to a community hurting from a declining economy,” Mike says. “Our joy in touching lives goes beyond words. We are so thankful, and it is our desire to work even harder to help even more people experience greater financial and time freedom in their lives,” Danene says.








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