Executive Directors Ron and Julia Stern


Executive Directors Ron and Julia Stern


Ron and Julia Stern already boasted long and impressive professional careers by the time they joined Kynect in June of 2013. Ron had retired after a 25 year career with the FBI and Julia was working full-time as a federal prosecutor. While retired, Ron managed their son's pop group, "Savvy," and produced 26 episodes of the tween hit TV show "The Wannabes starring Savvy," which aired in 100 countries worldwide.

But when Ron heard about the Kynect Opportunity, he quickly realized it was something worth coming out of retirement for. Ron joined the business first, then Julia joined under him. They both went after their bonuses and rank advanced to Managing Director. After that, they joined forces and worked exclusively under Julia's business, eventually rank advancing to Executive Director in January 2016. Because of their success with Stream, Julia retired from her career after 30 years of service and now they both work the business full-time!

"We decided to join Kynect in the first place because we saw an incredible opportunity to change the course of our financial legacy in the second chapter of our lives," said Julia. "Now that we have been with Kynect for almost four years, we see this business as so much more than an opportunity to earn money. We love being in a business where we can help people change their lives and reach their God-given potential. To top it all off, we have had a blast with Kynect! We love the people we have met, the Kynect events and, of course, the fabulous trips. Looking forward to so much more!"








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